Monday, 28 January 2008

INTERVIEW with GROVESNOR + Top5 Youtube videoes + mp3

Introducing Grovesnor!
Who is Grovesnor?
he is a multi-instrumentalist and a bearded keyboard casanova!
he is a dude that make seriously funky music outta London.
not only is he a solo artist, he plays in Naciente Quartet
and he is a former drummer in Hot Chip!
it was the "Nitemoves" song that first got me hooked on Grovesnor.
this song was also featured as the opening track on Hot Chips
rather excelent Dj Kicks mix album.
so some of you might know it!
it's a electrosoul lovesong that you need in your life!
i used this song in my Romantic Julegraziale mixtape.
Grovesnor kindly shared this song with us.

Grovesnor - Nitemoves

BUY GROVESNOR - NITEMOVES 7" at Piccadilly or Pure Groove

Read even more about him here.

Q & A:

who are you?

I'm Rob Smoughton. Live I'm joined by Sven Groor on Bass/Bass Synth and Boyce K on Synths.

where are you from?

London, England.

when did you start making those amazing tunes?

I started making tunes when I was young - ten, twelve maybe. Been making Grovesnor tunes since about 2003. They weren't amazing until recently ;-)

how would you catagorize your music?

Pop. Rock. Electro. Soul. AOR. New Wave. Elements of these together.

whats your influences?who is your heroes?

Influences (Musical):
The Cars
Steely Dan
Hall & Oates
A Grape Dope
Harold Faltemeyer
Hot Chip

Influences (non-musical):
Neon Lights
Taxi Rides
Thai Food
The Weather

Heroes (Musical)
Donald Fagen
Billy Joel
Bruce Springsteen
Jorge Benjor
Stephen Stills
Jean-Michel Jarre
Robert Palmer

Heroes (Non Musical)
Paul Auster
Don De Lillo
Piet Mondrian
Jerry Seinfeld
Ray Mears
Stephen Fry
Whoever designs New Balance sneakers

whats your dayjobs, when not touring, recording etc.?

Nothing else at the moment.

what do you do for fun when you have time off?


what music are you listening to this month other then your own?

According to my recently played playlist on my iPod:
Milton Nascimento
Wayne Wonder
Bruce Springsteen
Steely Dan
Billy Joel
Jamie Lidell
Hue & Cry
The Left Banke
Hot Chip
Glass Candy
Doobie Brothers

is there any releases planned this year?

New single "Drive Your Car" to be released on 12" and download through the Greco Roman International Sonic Wrestling Label. Release date end March / Early April. Hopefully another single after the summer and an album by Christmas or early next year.

whats your future plans for Grovesnor, touring around with a full band?

We've just put together the live band (previously I was playing on my own and as the venues were getting larger, they were getting harder to fill on my own). We've had four or five gigs so far and they're going really well. The sound is much better - less digital. We're obviously going to be playing a lot to promote the single.
It's possible I might be collaborating with Mylo too - meeting with him this afternoon in fact.

tell me a secret?

I once played a gig where I forgot to remove the vocal track from my backing CD so I sang one song over the top of vocals that were already there. And I had to mime to the vocoder part too.


Grovesnor`s Top 5 Youtube clips:

Andrew Thompson - We're In Business

Weird Bird Of Paradise

David Elsewhere - Kollaboration 2001

Billy Joel - Prelude/Angry Young Man (on the Mike Douglas show)

Seinfeld 901 Intro

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Wow. This is really good.
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Grovesnor rules.