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22yrs old Londonboy Frankmusik makes chaotic electro powerpop with falsetto vocal.say what?his sound is incredibly catchy and surprisingly accessible.if this dosent make you smile then there is something wrong with you.his debut release was the Frankisum EP last year.he has also done heaps of remixes: chromeo,dead disco,heads we dance,i was a cub scout,alphabeat,remi nicole,jakobinarina,black ghosts and so on.its seems like this guy has some new tracks out on his myspace every gotta have enough song for 4 albums by now Frank! he set up his own label Apparent and then Universal Island Records snapped him up.a wise move by april he will be touring the UK with Alphabeat and Leon Jean Marie on the Wonky Pop Tour.CATCH THEM!
nice as he is, he shared some mp3 with us and answered our questions.

2008 = Frankmusik

Apparant Records

Frankmusik Remixes

Frankmusik - 3 Little Words

Frankmusik - Made Her Smile

Frankmusik vs Alphabeat - Fascination

I Was A Cub Scout - Smallest Adventure (Frankmusik remix)

Q & A:

who are you?

I am Vincent James Frank of FrankMusik

where are you from?

I am from Thornton Heath, London

when did you start making those amazing tunes?

About 6 months ago. I wanted to make music that just summed up everything that influenced me over the years from 80's to Drum & Bass.

how would you catagorize your music?

Bladrunner pop

whats your influences?

Everything from the Doobie Brothers to Masta Ace!

who is your heroes?

Vangelis, Whitney Houston and my Mum.

whats your dayjobs(if you have one)?

I don't have one anymore but I used to sell jeans in a Levi's Store. I have a record deal so I am looked after by my label.

what do you do for fun when you have time off?

Mountain Biking, Photography, BMXing, drinking with friends and meeting new people.

what music are you listening to this month other then your own?

Bobby Brown, Bobby Caldwell, Uffie, Souls Of Mischief and Zion I.

is there any releases planned this year?

Yeah my album "Complete Me" will be out later this year under Universal Records Island and Apparent Records.

whats your future plans?

I would like to produce for some big artist at the end of the year. Like Lilly Allen. I would also like to do a bit of acting.

tell me a secret?

Then it wouldn't be a secret ; )

Frankmusik - When Your Around

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