Saturday, 26 January 2008

INTERVIEW with ISLANDS + Top 3 Youtube favorites + mp3

did a little interview with Islands the other day. they are one of my pop faves! i initially picked up the 7" Rough Gem single because of the great cover.(see picture above, with lyrics on).i always play this when i dj rock/indiepop sets and someone always asks what it is.Rough Gem is the key track for me.check it out and check myspace for more! they also share their top 3 youtube clips with us. mindbending stuff!yeah and they are on tour in the UK playing 15 shows in february. and playing this years Coachella Festival. RESPECT!

Islands - Rough Gem

Q & A:

who are you people?

We are, in alphabetical order, Patrice Agbokou (bass), Alex Chow (violin, viola, percussion), Sebastian Chow (violin, oboe, keyboards, vocals), Patrick Gregoire (guitar, bass clarinet), Aaron Harris (drums, percussion, vocals), and me, Nick Thorburn (vocals, guitar)

where are you from?

collectively, we call Montreal, Quebec home

how/when did you get together?

We got together over the course of 2005. It started with me, and then I amassed a group of musicians of the highest calibre.

how would you catagorize your music?


whats your influences?who is your heroes?

pavoratti, cher, romero, gunplay

whats your dayjobs, when not touring, recording etc.?

i draw comics, patrice does session work, the chows are in music school and the other 2 are deadbeat waiters.

what do you guys do for fun when you have time off?

write songs and record albums.

what music are you listening to this month other then your own?

wargasm "ketchup and liquor"
patchouli "smells like hippies"
pancho mano "gringo sopa"
cher and troll "i got you, bub"

is there any releases planned this year?

on april 21st, we are releasing a new record!

whats your future plans for the band?

to release the new record, sell it for money and then tour in support of it! I know, it's revolutionary.

tell me a secret?


Lou Reed and Pavarotti

Cher and Troll

P-Unit mix tape (paper rad)

you gotta love them!

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