Wednesday, 2 April 2008


OH SNAP!! is back with a new song. we had a little chat with him. on this new song called 'Falling Out' he sound like James Murphy from Lcd Soundsystem on parts of it. nice. also reposting the 'Im Too Fat To Be A Hipster' song to those who missed it the first time around. Enjoy.

OH SNAP!! - Falling Out (Untz Untz EXCLUSIVE)

OH SNAP!! - Im Too Fat To Be A Hipster

Q & A:

whats up Snappy?

Not too much home-skillet, just getting ready to put out a big mix here later this month, working on some securing some overseas shows, and dropping like 5 new songs soon!

OH NO YOU DIDNT just call me home-skillet, hahah! who are you?

OH SNAP!! is really a myth, like big-foot. Maybe more like a super-hero with no powers… Just a weird wearing a cape saying he can fly.

where are you from?

I’m from outside of Baltimore, Maryland, in the USA

when did you start making those Snappy tunes?

I’ve rapped for about 10 years off and on, mostly gangster rap… I started doing the OH SNAP!! music in December of 2007…

how would you catagorize your music?

I’ve heard it called rave rap, I prefer gangster house…

whats your influences? who is your heroes?

I’m influenced by bobby mcferrin, menudo, big daddy kane, kwame, the fat boys, and of course, my heroes include Christopher Walken and Papa Smurf…

whats your dayjobs(if you have one), when not touring, recording etc.?

I produce conferences and trade events by day…

what do you do for fun when you have time off?(except wearing your Bill Cosby sweater and Reebok pumps)

I like to travel, see the world, snorkel, and generally just laze around.

what music are you listening to this month other then your own?

I love the new Surkin stuff, my buddy, DJ Doc Rok did a mash-up record with Jimmie Hendrix and the Notorious BIG and I’ve been bumping that… Of course, I’ve also been listening to singer/songwriter, John Neilson.

is there any releases planned this year?

I’m planning to put out another EP this summer entitled, OMG IT’S OH SNAP!!... It will feature Bill Cosby Sweater, and a bunch of new tunes I’m recording this Friday!

whats your future plans?

Looking forward to a potential Australia tour later this year and some shows in Europe… I really want to go where the world needs me!

wanna come to Bergen?

Bergen looks awesome! I love glaciers!

if you do then we will give you a Lusekofte(its like a traditional big wool sweater that a norwegian gossip magazine gives to americans they interview(its funny shit). looks like this:

HAHAHA!! That would be DOPE!

tell me a secret?

I was Norwegian in a past life…Sshhh

Thank you so much for this classy interview Snappy Snap!

OH SNAP!! - Bill Cosby Sweater

OH SNAP!! wears a Bill Cosby sweater and Reebok pumps in this video.its all the rage over in the states nowadays.check out his myspace for more Bill Cosby sweater pictures.

Lusekofte mashup photo: Vg,Tv 2,Aftenposten

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