Friday, 25 April 2008


Just a little advice. You should buy your tickets really soon! You dont wanna miss this. Its this springs biggest coolest club event! If you are out in Bergen Centrum this weekend youre gonna notice alot of sweet posters. Please dont take them home with you until The Fix is over!(they are a piece of art!) As you have probably noticed Lykke Li is not playing after all. But dont be sad, Four Tet is coming! Check out his new epic song 'Ringer' here. I cant wait to hear it on a big soundsystem! Also check out the musicplayer on the top right collum with all the FIX artist---->


kr 270,- @ Billettservice / tlf 81 53 31 33 / Apollon / Narvesen / 7-Eleven <---- Search for: The Fix

The Fix Facebook event.

Btw, last night at Untz Untz Klubb was pure sweetness. Thanks to Andy Hotpants and UPOP djs for great music ,and to Maren for booking me!

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