Friday, 1 February 2008


Its always nice when once in a while a GOOD band i have yet to discover send a friend request! The Joy Formidable has been getting some airplay on Steve Lamacq's BBC radio shows of lately which is a big deal if you are a new up and coming band in the uk. they are set to burst thru the cage soon!(check the picture) the key track is Austere which they kindly shared with us. NOW LISTEN!

The Joy Formidable - Austere

Q & A:

who are you people?

Hello, we are The Joy Formidable ; Ritzy, Rhydian and Justin.

where are you from?

We're living in London now, but Ritzy and Rhydian are from Wales originally and Justin is a Devon boy.

how/when did you get together?

We hooked up about 8 months ago and been inseparable ever since.

how would you catagorize your music?

It blends a lot of things, we all have quite eclectic tastes in music, bottomline its melodic, infectious and if you're good; you can dance to it.

whats your influences?who is your heroes?

I (Ritzy) grew up on Motown soul music and Elvis Costello, but there's so many to list, a question like that could take some time!

whats your dayjobs, when your not giging?

music takes up a lot of time, there aren't many distractions. We've just started remixing some tracks for other artists and we're always busy recording ourselves.

what do you guys do for fun when you have time off?

We're lucky; we like being together. We see a lot of gigs, silly things like pantomines at Christmas and comedy clubs..Justin used to do stand-up, so he loves heckling!

what music are you listening to this month other then your own?

The new LCD soundsystem album is great and Sam Sparro is getting my dancing feet going, he's doing a remix for us, so I cant wait for that.

is there any releases planned?


whats your future plans for the band?

We're excited about this year, put it that way. The possibilities are endless.

tell me a secret?

no kiss- and -tell here, but we will kiss you.

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