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Monday, 31 October 2011


Njaal - Me And Hugh - 12" (UNTZUNTZ004) OUT NOW! by Untz Untz Records

Njaal's 12" is landing in October with remixes from Terje Bakke (Be Chosen/
Soulfooled) and Skatebård (Kompakt/Sex Tags/Digitalo)

Cat No. : UNTZUNTZ004
Artist : NJAAL
Format(s): 12″ & DIGITAL
Release Date: 31/10/2011


A Njaal - Me And Hugh (Original mix)
B1 Njaal - Me And Hugh (Terje Bakke remix)
B2 Njaal - Me And Hugh (Skatebård remix)


Another grandios 12" from the Untz Untz Records guys with a top notch remix package. This time its a hometown affair with all artists being from Bergen, Norway.

So what is this then? Is it house? Is it prog? Is it (dear we say it) almost trance? Honestly we are not sure, but we know that it is balancing that magical thin red line somewhere in-between there and that it sounds powerful.

The A-side on this 12" is one of Njaal's early productions that was sitting there untouched when Untz Untz found it. After testing it out for a long while in clubs they had to bring this masterpiece out on vinyl. Njaal, real name Njål Paulsberg, is a guy in his early 20's residing in Bergen, Norway. He is a known synthesizer fanatic that will travel to Japan for a certain synth. Njaal is a supertalented musician, dj and producer that is involved in multiple band projects in his hyper productive hometown.

When we flip over to the B-side two remixes are being served up.

Terje Bakke is a rapidly rising rocket on the house scene with praise and admiration being thrown at him from all corners. He is giving us a unique sounding minimal house remix with clicks and claps here and there that will turn heads on a demanding dancefloor. Terje has been releasing tracks on labels such as Soulfooled and Be Chosen of lately, and is rumored to have a release coming up on one of 2011 most exciting new labels. Terje has just relocated to Copenhagen to seek new challenges. He is truly one of Bergen's greatest exports this side of the millennia.

To end the whole affair we have Norway's very own Mr.Italodisco. Skatebård delivers a full on attack with his remix. Connoisseurs of his extensive catalogue knows that Skatebård oscillates between emotional techno, neo-italo, electro from an alternative future and a Scando-cosmic reinterpretation of pure Detroitian house. Skatebård is a very busy dj and producer. Earlier this year he put out a handful of 12"s and just recently he released his fourth artist album. Every weekend Skatebård criss-crosses Europe on his never-ending string of gigs. If its in the dungeons of the Berghain castle or at a small island on the rural coast of Norway, his presence is in high demand.

All in all: 3 slightly different tracks that will appeal to multiple branches of dance music.

Some selected early feedback:

Tim Sweeney (Beats In Space/NYC) - "That Skatebard mix is my favorite of the bunch!"

Wolfram (Permanent Vacation/Diskokaine - AUS/NYC) - "Love it!"

Massimiliano Pagliara (LARJ/Balihu/Rush Hour) - "Bard, Bard, Bard: AMAZINGNESS!!! Great stuff as always"

Rayko (Rare Wiri/Eskimo/UntzUntz) -"Nice release mates!"

Hardway Bros (A Love From Outer Space) - "OOOH! Nice"

Hannulelauri (Relish/FIN) - "Your release is almost trance, but trance is good"

DJ Gio Mc-505 (Sauroid/ITA) - "Wow, it reminds me the Progressive House of early 90s, it's like a trip into the past!"

Fear of Theydon (Sunday Best/UK) - "Deeeeeep!"

diskJokke (Smalltown/NOR) - "FEIT!"

Juno Records (London/UK) - "Njaal's original sits perfectly between warm, cosmic infused house and experimental electronica as menacing keyboards take over the high end and soft, hazy reverb clouds dominate the lower. Flip over and Terje Bake strips "Me & Hugh" down to a pounding kick drum from start to finish while Njaal's ambient beds simmer below. Skatebard keeps the hypnotic style of the original while pushing the drum beats up to their crisper capabilities."

Piccadilly Records (Manchester/UK) - "Reminiscent of mid 90s pregressive house, "Me And Hugh" really packs a building, hypno-house punch, with a mega uplift after the breakdown."

Cover art by: Uniforms & Dropouts

The 12" Vinyl is available in many stores around the world. These are some of them:

Oye (Berlin)
Piccadilly (Manchester)
Phonica (London)
Underground Gallery (Japan)
Robot (Bergen)​butikk/musikk/me_and_hugh/

Buy the Digital version:​release/me-and-hugh/832865​no/album/​me-and-hugh-single/​id474223814​Me-And-Hugh/dp/B005XI8X2Q/​ref=sr_shvl_album_5?ie=UTF8​&qid=1320763422&sr=301-5​artists/njaal/me-and-hugh/

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Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Njøtferd - Suddenly You're Gold (UNTZDIGI001) by Untz Untz Records

Artist: Njøtferd
Release: Suddenly You're Gold
Format: Digital Single
Catalogue no: UntzDigi001
Label: Untz Untz Records
Release date: 31.08.11
Mastering: Lawrie @ Curved

Listen to the release:

Buy the release:

Mysterious duo from Bergen, Norway consisting of a well known pop vocalist and a underground disco producer. Together they make hooky pop music.


1. Njøtferd - Suddenly You're Gold (Original)
2. Njøtferd - Suddenly You're Gold (Solli Diskoklubb's Needy Arp remix)
3. Njøtferd - Suddenly You're Gold (Touchable Terrence remix)
4. Njøtferd - Suddenly You're Gold (Clueless 2step remix)

Cover art by: Jørgen Håland

Some selected feedback:

Terje Bakke (Be Chosen/Soulfooled): "Digger denne jeg faktisk"

Fredrik Forgaard (Bang Bang/Stavanger): "Lige egentlig best orginalen eg. Herlige radiopop. Clueless mixen e gresk for meg, Solli mixen vrikka eg vel rompå t sist lørdag...så den antar eg e slick for klubben. Tror eg syns at Touchable sin remix e den, ja, eg e jo åpen for diskusjon!
Anyhoo, fin release."


Monday, 15 August 2011


Velferd - The Aspens Turning Gold - 12" by untzuntzrecords

Buy the DIGITAL release:




- http://mp3.platekompaniet.​no/site/web3/view.ftl?page​=product&productId=7429542


Finally Norwegian fjord-disco producer Velferd's digital release has arrived. It contains the 4 varied and dancable tracks from the 12" + 2 brand new bonus tracks. Some have called it «leftfield disco», and some have called it «live-sounding fjord-disco». With heavy bass-slapping on the title track and a 8 minute live hi-hat session on 'Cobalt', it sound fresh nevermind what genre you put it in. The 12" which came out in October 2010 was limited to 300 copies worldwide and came in a beautiful sleeve designed by artist Ronja Svenning Berge. It is still available in some selected shops.

Artist: Velferd
Release: The Aspens Turning Gold
Format: Digital (still available as a 12")
Catalogue no: UntzUntz002D
Label: Untz Untz Records
Release date: 15.08.11
Mastering: Lawrie @ Curved

01. The Aspens Turning Gold
02. 9092
03. Drum Squad
04. Cobalt
05. Adequate Machinery (Digital bonus track)
06. Land's End (Digital bonus track)

Who is Velferd?
Velferd is a 21 year old boy from Bergen, Norway called Geir Hermansen. He has spent a lot of time in his basement studio at his parents house this last year, making tracks for this release on Untz Untz Records. The basement/dungeon is stacked to the roof with synths, bass guitars, drums and old computers. It is quite a view this place. These instruments are of course all present on the release in all its glory. When Velferd is not locked down in his dungeon polishing his newest tracks, he is touring the world with The New Wine, a band in which he plays synthesizers. ThisGoesDisco! is another band that he recently recorded with, this time on the drums. So i guess you could call him a multi-instrumentalist. Velferd frequently does live and dj-sets(he has played alongside Daniel Wang, Mental Overdrive, Biosphere, Annie & Bjørn Torske to name a few!). He is also a keen remixer, and has laid his filthy synthesizer licks on among other theese fine Nordic artists: Casiokids, Sondre Lerche, Kings Of Convenience, Skatebård, Uusi Fantasia, The Whitest Boy Alive, Monzano, Pow Pow, Leif & The Future, Erlend Øye and Lama.

12" still available in theese stores:
-Rough Trade (London, UK)
-Phonica (London, UK)
-Oye (Berlin, Germany)
-Rotation (Berlin, Germany)
-Melting Point (Berlin, Germany)
-Spacehall (Berlin, Germany)
-Music Mania (Gent, Belgium)
-Robot (Bergen, Norway)
-Tiger (Oslo, Norway)
-Apollon (Bergen, Norway)

12" supported and played by Diskjokke, Bjørn Torske and Annie!

Friday, 20 May 2011


UntzUntz003 by untzuntzrecords

Release info:

Release Date:20/05/2011

A1. Rayko – Die For You
B1. The Glue – A Broken Heart

This much hyped Rayko track gets a super cool 12″ split-release with the romantic newcomers The Glue on the flip. Believe the hype, this is a monster!
Untz Untz unleash their third release, and this time its a shiny red love disc.

First up is the spanish edit don Rayko, known from releases on labels such as Eskimo, Kojak Giant Sounds, Lumberjacks In Hell… and of course his own Rare Wiri label. He is known for crunching out 2-3 great edits every week. This edit must really have struck a chord with the Untz Untz guys leading to them begging on their knees for it the same day it appeared on his Soundcloud. On his ‘Die For You’ edit he slaps on a old school disco bassline on top of the purple smurf that we all love. Resulting in taking him straight to the club peak-time, saturday night style. This is made for a dancefloor!

On the flip we see the slow-mo-house-disco duo The Glue. Little is known about these mystic newcomers other than that they are based in Bergen, Norway and that they are very much into r’n'b and soul music. This edit came about after finding it in a box of 600 7″s from the 80s/90s that they bought for almost nothing at a flea market. On the ‘A Broken Heart’ edit they are carefully building up a cosy mood before dropping in the vocals half-way through this 9 minute heartbreaking song. And then finishing it of with a man softly cooing ‘I Love You, Don’t Ever Break My Heart’. Lets hope its not true that: A Broken Heart Can’t Mend.

Buy the 12":,u~1699962,p1~vinyl/xe/details.html
Distribution to record shops via:


Releaseparty coming up June 3rd!