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Velferd - The Aspens Turning Gold - 12" by untzuntzrecords

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Finally Norwegian fjord-disco producer Velferd's digital release has arrived. It contains the 4 varied and dancable tracks from the 12" + 2 brand new bonus tracks. Some have called it «leftfield disco», and some have called it «live-sounding fjord-disco». With heavy bass-slapping on the title track and a 8 minute live hi-hat session on 'Cobalt', it sound fresh nevermind what genre you put it in. The 12" which came out in October 2010 was limited to 300 copies worldwide and came in a beautiful sleeve designed by artist Ronja Svenning Berge. It is still available in some selected shops.

Artist: Velferd
Release: The Aspens Turning Gold
Format: Digital (still available as a 12")
Catalogue no: UntzUntz002D
Label: Untz Untz Records
Release date: 15.08.11
Mastering: Lawrie @ Curved

01. The Aspens Turning Gold
02. 9092
03. Drum Squad
04. Cobalt
05. Adequate Machinery (Digital bonus track)
06. Land's End (Digital bonus track)

Who is Velferd?
Velferd is a 21 year old boy from Bergen, Norway called Geir Hermansen. He has spent a lot of time in his basement studio at his parents house this last year, making tracks for this release on Untz Untz Records. The basement/dungeon is stacked to the roof with synths, bass guitars, drums and old computers. It is quite a view this place. These instruments are of course all present on the release in all its glory. When Velferd is not locked down in his dungeon polishing his newest tracks, he is touring the world with The New Wine, a band in which he plays synthesizers. ThisGoesDisco! is another band that he recently recorded with, this time on the drums. So i guess you could call him a multi-instrumentalist. Velferd frequently does live and dj-sets(he has played alongside Daniel Wang, Mental Overdrive, Biosphere, Annie & Bjørn Torske to name a few!). He is also a keen remixer, and has laid his filthy synthesizer licks on among other theese fine Nordic artists: Casiokids, Sondre Lerche, Kings Of Convenience, Skatebård, Uusi Fantasia, The Whitest Boy Alive, Monzano, Pow Pow, Leif & The Future, Erlend Øye and Lama.

12" still available in theese stores:
-Rough Trade (London, UK)
-Phonica (London, UK)
-Oye (Berlin, Germany)
-Rotation (Berlin, Germany)
-Melting Point (Berlin, Germany)
-Spacehall (Berlin, Germany)
-Music Mania (Gent, Belgium)
-Robot (Bergen, Norway)
-Tiger (Oslo, Norway)
-Apollon (Bergen, Norway)

12" supported and played by Diskjokke, Bjørn Torske and Annie!

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