Saturday, 31 May 2008

Kris Menace - I Feel Music In Your Heart (Lifelike & Kris Menace remix)

Kris Menace - I Feel Music In Your Heart (Lifelike & Kris Menace remix)

I feel that this song might have some of the qualities of the classic 'So Much Love To Give' track by DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter.
Am i wrong?

Check out more from theese french doods:
Kris Menace


The song is: Muscles - Sweaty (Shazam remix)

Santogold - Say Aha (TEPR remix)

I have not blogged Santogold before, because everyone else has. And i havent REALLY listened to her seriously until recently. I like this remix that TEPR did of her. Santogold is playing this years Hovefestival. I am blogging more and more Hove, Quart and Øya artists that i want you to discover before going to those festivals this summer(basically just things im gonna see myself). I am gonna post daily photos, summaries and mini-interviews from those 3 festivals here on Untz and on UPOP. Man, what a hard life!

Santogold - Say Aha (TEPR remix)

Friday, 30 May 2008

VIDEO: The Teenagers - Make It Happen

The Teenagers, "Make It Happen" from The FADER on Vimeo.

This is pretty great!
Its my favorite video so far in 08.

Thursday, 29 May 2008


-As you probably have seen, we got our new logo last night.
Super happy with it. What do YOU think?
It is designed by Andreas Knag-Danielsen.

-NEW website: Now you dont need to remember all the blogspot blabla myspace stuff. Everything is linked through here. HURRAY!

-The Untz Player(in the top right corner) has been updated with Untz Untz Records music! Ch-Ch-Check it out. More songs are beeing cooked and crunked up as you read this. We are also working on some remixes for: As in Rebekkamaria and Niyi. Exciting!

-MOUTH the new Untz Untz Records band has a myspace and a Urørt site now.

-Other updated sites:

Untz Untz Records myspace
Touchable Terrence myspace
Pastor myspace

-And if that wasnt enough: the BUMP&GRIND logo is finished this weekend!

-Stay tuned for merchandise really soon!


Daft Punk are recording new material as we speak! Read about it here.
Daft Punks manager (and Ed Banger Records boss) Busy P(Pedro Winter) is stepping down from managing them to focus on Ed Banger and his own productions.

Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (Calvin Harris remix)

2 Hearts On Fire remixes in 1 week. Nice!
Not bad Calvin, not bad at all!

Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (Calvin Harris remix)

Wednesday, 28 May 2008


Our little quiz from earlier this week is over.
The correct answer was: MANBOOBS!
The winner has been emailed. Good Luck on the ice-cream date!

What should our next quiz be like? SNIZZ or ELBOW maybe?

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

VIDEO: Skatebård - June Nights South Of Sienna (Live @ Ekko Festival 07)

Just got sent this from the man himself! I miss the Ekko Festival! Ekko is back the 5-6 september at USF Verftet! The lineup is beginning to look sweet! More info soonish!

Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (Holy Ghost! remix)

Listen to it here. Pretty good ey? The Cut Copy 'Hearts On Fire' 12" is out in about a month.
Since you are already on Holy Ghost! myspace now, i urge you to listen to their own song 'Hold On'. It gets played 20 times a day on my pod. It is recommended that you do the same. It will bring you much joy and happiness.


Another great act from the Gomma Records camp. Golden Bug is just one guy, Antoine Harispuru. And he is making dirty dirty disco. Ive got a feeling that this song might be a little hit. This 'Barbie's Back' song is a angry monster. Check out his myspace to, and especially the song 'Bisco'.
Prins Thomas said this about the track below: 'Barbie's Back sound like Uffie going too the studio with Fatboy Slim'

Golden Bug - Barbie's Back


Radio SSG: Silicon Square Garden Records Mixtape, Compiled & Mixed by Rove Dogs & Golden Bug

Monday, 26 May 2008


So..its quiztime again. This time we got something SPECIAL for all our women readers. The winner gets the MEGA PRICE OF ALL TIME: A ice-cream date with the dood on the picture. (PS: its not me)

The BIG question is: BUTTCRACK or MANBOOBS?

Send your answer to untzuntzmail(att)
The winners name will not be posted here.
Anonymous owner of body and anonymous winner.


EDIT: ANSWER REVEALED! <---------------



Untz Untz favourite Anoraak has made a mixtape! You need this!



01. Boards Of Canada - "Ready Let's Go"
02. Stephen Falken - "Shadow Of The Wind"
03. Anoraak - "Nightdrive With You (Grum Remix)"
04. The Outrunners - "Blazing Speed And Neon Light With You"
05. Parallels - "Ultralight"
06. The Similou - "All This Love"
07. Frisky - "Digitalis"
08. Futurecop! - "Class Of 1984 (Anoraak Remix)"
09. Drownsoda - "Playing With Fire On A Cold Winter's Night"
10. College - "Teenage Color (Anoraak Remix)"
11. Nicolas Malkelberge - "A Clean City"
12. Russ Chimes - "Mulsanne"
13. Tocotronic Vs. Console - "Freiburg V3.0"
14. Relation - "Your Tiny Mind (Lifelike Remix)"
15. Pnau Feat. Ladyhawke - "Embrace"
16. Lo-Fi-Fnk - "End"
17. Adeyhawke - "Adeyhawke Theme"
18. Daft Punk - "Face To Face"
19. Maethelvin - "My Favorite TV Show"
20. Minitel Rose - "Business Woman"
21. Error::Love - "Dangerous Dance"
22. PonyPonyRunRun - "First Date Mullet (Xinobi Remix)"
23. Cut Copy - Lights And Music (Moulinex Remix)"
24. Foals - "Balloons"
25. Boards Of Canada - "Ready Let's Go"


Question, how much glowing synth and filtered Disco House can you cram into sixty minutes? I have absolutely no idea, but I know a man in Nantes, France who does, nom de guerre, ANORAAK. The most well-known member of neon art collective VALERIE, ANORAAK makes the most authentic 80s rhythms this side of 1987. Finding inspiration in videogames, film scores, Prog Rock, toys and TV shows of the era, ANORAAK creates rich dance music that borrows heavily from yesteryear, yet succeeds in creating something entirely fresh. Bookended perfectly with classic "Ready Let's Go" by atmospheric beat pioneers BOARDS OF CANADA, ANORAAK'S mix includes a handful of fine exclusives including GRUM'S remix of ANORAAK original "Nightdrive With You." Also in the mix, tunes by a legion of likeminded artists, PARALELLS, THE OUTRUNNERS, MINTEL ROSE, COLLEGE, FUTURECOP!, ADAYHAWKE, PONYPONYRUNRUN, CUT COPY to name a few. If you enjoy the refreshing sound that ANORAAK and company are purveying in this mix, you would do well to check out the bilingual VALERIE blog where you can learn more about their roster of artists and get your hands on a lot more of the music they like.'

Sunday, 25 May 2008

LAST NIGHT : Nabovarsel @ Teknikerkroen

Photos: Ching Bling

He will be our guest photographer once in a while.
He is also taking nightlife photos for UPOP on a regular basis from today!
Welcome Ching Bling!

Also a friendly advice to the organizers of Nabovarsel: Dont advertise with closing time at 03:30 when you know the day before the event that you are closing 01:30. Thats not nice. I got stuck outside with my bag inside when i went out for a smoke. INFORM PEOPLE ABOUT CHANGES!
Other than that, great vibe and atmosphere down in the bombshelter!:)

Saturday, 24 May 2008


Im going Ga-Ga-Ga-Ga over this song nowadays.

Munk feat. Asia Argento - Live Fast! Die Old!(Headman remix)

You can buy this on 12" from Piccadilly really soon. The new Munk album is out 27th of may on super label Gomma. The Juan Maclean also remixed Live Fast! Die Old! with GREAT success for this 12", but Headman wins! Is Gomma the European DFA?

Friday, 23 May 2008


Im filling in for Sam tonight! It will be dancy smancy!

22:00 - 23:30 Sam
23:30 - 00:00 Pastor
00:00ish - 00:45 Micropops live
00:45 - 03:20 Pastor

Facebook event

Thursday, 22 May 2008


Just a little reminder about Bump & Grind Klubb @ Cafe Opera tonight!

And also a cheesypoof that im hooked on:

Usher - Love In This Club (MSTRKRFT remix)

Wednesday, 21 May 2008


Been to tired after the 16th & 17th to do anything. Damn you beers & GTs! But i have been saving up some sweet tunes for you. Here we go:

Sam Sparro - 21th Century Life

Flairs - Better Than Prince

Aeroplane - Whispers (Hercules & Love Affair remix)

Golden Bug - Bisco

Lykke Li - Im Good Im Gone (Fred Falke remix)

Ayumi Hamasaki - Beautiful Strangers (MSTRKRFT remix)

XX Teens - The Way We Where

Black Kids - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You (The Twelves remix)

Cut Copy - Cold Youth

Van She - Strangers (Van She Tech remix)

Bookashade - Solo City

Its a wrap! I could go one for a while with this list but gotta stop somewhere. You can dance to all of theese + my secret weapons that i dont share with ANYONE on thursday. Where? at Bump & Grind Klubb of course! See you there.

Introducing: Morten Parket

Fresh stuff! New Stuff! Got sent this demo from the mysterious Morten Parket today. Its his first song, or his first clip of a song. Morten Parket clearly loves horses, Dfa and James Pants.

Morten Parket - Horses

Untz Untz loves to horse around!

Monday, 19 May 2008


Hurray! David Holmes/Vamoose is taking over Strædet Club sometime in august. Ill be back with more. Can u dig it?

Sunday, 18 May 2008

16th & 17th MAY.


The New Wine. Play that funky music white boy! @ the opening of STUDIO/Hot!Hot!Hot! 3yrs anniversary.

Pastor & Stalker

Boogie Down!

The Work

The Stig

Skate gets owned!


The Stig & Sjøbjørn manchesting himself.

UntzUntz band Ottar

STUDIO's backyard is sweet!

Catalina the Chakapuff & Kjersti Powerblytt

Alicia & Marita

The guy who broke my glasses! (check the bottom of this post) im not angry anymore, i just cant see shit!:)


HOT!HOT!HOT!'s Asel & Mikal

Ibsen checking the time. He is eager to march in the streets!

Happy birthday Norway!

Get that kid a bunad! NOW!

The Kambourines live @ Ja, vi elsker Norwegian Country, Logen.

Happy Logen dudes.

Ragzy from The Kambourines

The boys are back in town! Ready for Maskeradeball @ ERA

The best mask!

Its not just Petter who has a maskeradeaball.

Logen girls

Spiderman & Spidergirl



Buster Poindexter - HotHotHot (Untz Untz congratulates HOT!HOT!HOT! remix)

(push divshare to download)

We(Touchable Terrence & Pastor) made this last sunday in Notodden.
It was our gift to the HOT!HOT!HOT! guys for their 3 year anniversary.
Leave a comment if you like it! Enjoy!