Wednesday, 14 May 2008


The HOT!HOT!HOT! clubnight run by djs Asel & Mikal Telle celebrates 3 years! Not only are they throwing a big party with a bunch of bands, live acts and djs, they are also opening the new club venue where the party is at on the same night! Its called STUDIO and its at USF Verftet. If you were at USF Verftet at The Fix, its the room on the 3rd floor. Alot of exciting things is happening there this summer and autumn. I will keep you updated on events happening on STUDIO. HOT!HOT!HOT! will host a monthly clubnight there. Other than that there will be one-offs from other partyfixers, promoter and bookers. 


The New Wine
The Work


-Asel & Mikal Telle
-I'll Buy You A Husband To Match Your Earrings

On this STUDIO opening night the Quart Festival people will be there and reveal the rest of their sick linup for this summers festival. You can also get some free tickets if you are lucky.

My tip for this friday: GET THERE EARLY! Its may 16th, so EVERYBODY will be out partying. Door open at 20:00. 18yrs at the door. 60,-kr. See you there.

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