Sunday, 18 May 2008

16th & 17th MAY.


The New Wine. Play that funky music white boy! @ the opening of STUDIO/Hot!Hot!Hot! 3yrs anniversary.

Pastor & Stalker

Boogie Down!

The Work

The Stig

Skate gets owned!


The Stig & Sjøbjørn manchesting himself.

UntzUntz band Ottar

STUDIO's backyard is sweet!

Catalina the Chakapuff & Kjersti Powerblytt

Alicia & Marita

The guy who broke my glasses! (check the bottom of this post) im not angry anymore, i just cant see shit!:)


HOT!HOT!HOT!'s Asel & Mikal

Ibsen checking the time. He is eager to march in the streets!

Happy birthday Norway!

Get that kid a bunad! NOW!

The Kambourines live @ Ja, vi elsker Norwegian Country, Logen.

Happy Logen dudes.

Ragzy from The Kambourines

The boys are back in town! Ready for Maskeradeball @ ERA

The best mask!

Its not just Petter who has a maskeradeaball.

Logen girls

Spiderman & Spidergirl



Buster Poindexter - HotHotHot (Untz Untz congratulates HOT!HOT!HOT! remix)

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We(Touchable Terrence & Pastor) made this last sunday in Notodden.
It was our gift to the HOT!HOT!HOT! guys for their 3 year anniversary.
Leave a comment if you like it! Enjoy!


Leo said...

Hi man! I am sorry for breaking your glasses at Studio. Let me know if there is anyway I can make it up to you.


PASTOR said...


im learning to deal with it!
not mad at you Leo:=)