Monday, 5 May 2008

Bergenfest Finale: Indie Bonanza @ USF Verftet

Ungdomskulen rocks HARD!

Give me a tugjob NOW! Matias Tellez & groupie

Rune Vandaskog

Ray Gun & The Adjitators and Axemax from Kakkmaddafakka

anonymous manchest that half of the girls i Bergen has woken up on

Dave Cloud and Håkon Vatle from Storm Weather Shanty Choir. Dave is actually singing on Storm Weathers next single!

quack quack!

the teens go crazy to Ungdomskulen. they headbang and grind their teeth

THE SHOW IS THE RAINBOW. One crazy dude.

ooh. 'controversial'

Twin-Sverre and Sebastien Telliers keyboard dude

Josè James

cute guitar smooching

Crew-Guro and Anders Mosness from the newly ressurected band Purified in Blood


Anonymous said...

han trenger å trimme brystsjegget sitt den gutten.

Anonymous said...

nei. har er jo sexy som fy!