Tuesday, 4 December 2007

4.Des: Loto - Back to disco (CHEWY CHOCOLATE COOKIES Rmx)

Oh! its an exclusive her på UNTZ UNTZ!kommer ett par exclusives iblant her framover! denne venta på meg i inboxen idag:

Loto - Back to disco (CHEWY CHOCOLATE COOKIES Rmx)

med følgende info:

"LOTO is the coolest band in Portugal :), they are massive in
the land of the "francesinha" (it's a traditional
portuguese dish...soooooo good)
theirs latest CD "Beat Riot" is out now, and it include
huge collaborations with a couple of big names,
Peter Hook (Joy Division/New Order) and Del Marquis
(Scissor Sisters)..enough!? :)

more info about LOTO


more info about CCC


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