Sunday, 6 July 2008


DJ Sigaz & So Knag

DJ Tanatho

Bergen has finally gotten their own Olle Abstract! Hooray!

Cato Canari

The wind canon was a great success. Digitalo is now Bergens Ibiza Club No.1! Next time they will have a foam machine! Digibiza @ Edvard

"Soooo starstruck. Im a super big fan. Its was so rad to get my 12" signed. I even got a handshake from Cato Canari. I need to call my mom right away and tell her."

Words cant describe this EPIC moment!

"Thank you for tonight Mr.Windcanon."
Skatebård bowing out.

"Look mom: NO HANDS!"

Where da Brunost at?


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Anonymous said...

So Knag! Genius. Hilsen So Knag