Wednesday, 29 October 2008


1. The world economy has gone down the shitter. Banks and airlines are dying. DYING!
2. Iceland(Yeah, the COUNTRY!) is bankrupt/sinking. Im gonna miss GusGus and Sigur Ròs;(((
3. It seems like there is not that much interesting music beeing posted online theese days. I now officially like the new Keane single.
4. What is happening? Is the blogconomy dying?
5. All i could find today was this track, and to be honest the Valerie sound is getting a bit samey now. The Outrunners - Theese Girls Are Dressed To Kill(Livyo remix)
6. Someone please send me some new stuff!
7. Is this the end? (It seems so when even The End is closing, without me ever getting to go there)


jayo said...

blogconomy been dead. how much money have you made directly from your blog? two years too late, son.

but uh, keep it up.

PASTOR said...

ive made millions!