Saturday, 21 March 2009

Strædet is closing down AGAIN / Opening a NEW venue

AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. I had a little talk with David Holmes(one of the dudes behind Vamoose, Strædet and Sounds Gold Records) the other day:

Pastor: Say what?

David: At the end of april we will close down. That means we will no longer be open wed-sat. But through may and maybe june it will be open for special parties. When it eventually re-opens(if it does) it wont be by us(Vamoose) but by the Banco Rotto guys who are re-opening the Moods venue as Banco Rotto. Its gonna be a 50+ cabaret/dancing place. Dont know what the new Strædet will be like and what they are planning there.

Pastor: Why are you closing?

David: Because we are starting a new venue that is being built this summer at a secret place!(for now). Its gonna be a cafe at day time and a concert/club venue at night.

Pastor: But why giving up strædet when you are making money there?

David: We want a bigger place that is more purpose built and the possibility to be open at daytime. The problem with Strædet is that its great when you have a great concert on or a good clubnight. But to get people here earlie at night or at weekdays is difficult. The new place will be place you can go have a beer and some food at 17 o'clock. It will have plenty of space and everything brand new. 200+ capacity. We have alot of building and planning to do. We hope to open the new place in sept.

Untz Untz will offcourse be back with more. Until then party your ass off!

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