Monday, 18 May 2009


Riing Riing! Who's there? Its Telephones!

Trondheim based super-talented disco(let just call it disco. ok?) artist Telephones is back after a terrible hard-drive explosion last year. The majority of his tracks went to computa heaven! ;( He is originally from Bergen but left town to pursue his dream of beeing a professional ice-hockey player. That didnt go so well, when he got a puck in his face while not wearing a helmet, leading to him beeing stuck in hospital for 6 months and almost beeing blind on both eyes. But he recovered fully and made some great tunes while beeing hospitalized. Good for us! He sent over a cd full of edits not long ago. Check out his myspace for more new kewl stuff. Below are 4 of the edits for you to download. I have been listening alot to theese:

Kermesse - Mrs Moon (Telephones Edit)

Banda Black Rio - Danca Do Dia (Telephones Rework)

Four Tet - Pockets (Telephones Re-Edit)

Yello - Bostich (Telephones Re-Edit)

More Telephones news:

Telephones got a track lined up for the first Untz Untz 12". This will hopefully be out sometime late august. So you will get to know this guy even more!

Photo by: Håvard Johansen /

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