Monday, 17 August 2009


Hey there. This is the Leather Pants Remixed EP from Untz Untz Records band Mouth. This EP is FREE for you to download and share as you like.

The first 12" vinyl on Untz Untz Records will be out in a couple of months. More about the tracklist on that and maybe a sneakpeak at the cover next week.

We got loads of great talent on this EP. With artists from all over Norway. Some of theese remixes you might have heard in our dj-sets and some were just finished days ago for this release.

Download the whole thing here or the one you like the most below.

All tracks are in 320kbps quality.

You can also stream all theese track on Mouth's myspace.


Mouth - Leather Pants (Pelifics remix)

Mouth - Leather Pants (Velferd remix)

Mouth - Leather Pants (Solli Diskoklubb remix)

Mouth - Leather Pants (Chmmr rewave)

Mouth - Leather Pants (Clueless remix)

Mouth - Leather Pants (Stöv dub)

Mouth - Leather Pants (Stöv remix)

Mouth - Leather Pants (Original version)

A little bit about the artists:

Mouth - A band that consist of some of the people behind Untz Untz Records + friends. The original version of 'Leather Pants' is produced by our very own label co-owner/music producer Touchable Terrence.
The vocal is by Espen Kåsa who joins Mouth live sometimes with his voice and a guitar.

Pelifics - Oslo's finest ambassador of neo-italo/Valerie'ish music. Him beeing half Italian doesnt hurt his credibility either when making Italo music. Pelifics is also a rather successful graphic designer.

Velferd - Our very own fjord-disko prince here in Bergen. Signed to Untz Untz Records this spring. He is also a part of a great band called The New Wine, where he plays keyboards like there is no tomorrow. Check out the live bass on his Leather Pants remix!

Solli Diskoklubb - A new and promising disko dude from Oslo called Mikkel Haraldstad. He got loads of great tracks lined up in his myspace! Mikkel delivers a fine slow-mo disco remix. He just released a digital single called 'Trekkfugl' via Houselectiv Records. Buy it!

Chmmr - Trondheim based dj/producer Even! He is one of the guys behind the SKURK clubnight that has its home at SUPA in Trondheim. Buy his own productions via his New Slam Records here!

Clueless - Some (we) would say he is Norways best kept dubstep/future garage secret. But not for long! He got riddiculously amount of hits(over a million!) on his youtube site where he puts out most of his remixes and tracks. Clueless just released some tracks on both Night Audio and LS2 Recordings.

Stöv - A electropop band from Bergen started by dj/producer/graphic designer Jørgen Håland. Jørgen delivers not just one but TWO remixes of Leather Pants. They both shake you up pretty hard. He also did the cover for the Leather Pants Remixed EP. Thank you!

So what is your favourite?

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