Monday, 10 March 2008

Jay-Z plays Hove Festival 08!!

are you waiting for me to take the easy intro to this post? OK here it is: Hova plays Hove! H to the Izzo! - im not a very big hiphop head as you probably know(but i got a big head).but this is NEWS worthy!this will be his first Nordic show ever.and with a full band on stage!they have moved the festival 1 day just because they got him to play bad for those sucker who have scheduled vacations and booked hotels and cabins and Hove its all about living in a Tent and get your tent full of mud, didnt you know that?! the festival takes place 23.june-27.june. BE THERE!

do you think Hova said yes to this festival because of the name, so he can do silly rap bits about HOVE instead of HOVA? I DO!

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