Friday, 7 March 2008

WOOP WOOP da e lyden av politiet

its QUIZTIME! who's that girl?

last night was great! alot of nice people and freeee beer!cant go wrong there.
congrats to the winners, especially Powerblytt who won Best Club award.we are having an extended Interview with Powerblytt Records next week! working on it as we speak!

a warm little treat to snuggle up on the couch to:

Squarepusher - Red Hot Car (Johnatron remix)

if you are having a go at it tonight(if you are still alive from last night) then the HOTHOTHOT boys are bringing it at Strædet tonight from sitting in my chair, working for the man so no nightlife this weekend:(


Jonas said...

Det er Uffie. Venter spent på premie.

Pastor said...

korrekt Jonas! ein stykk fruitbasket på vei til Barteby.


ShtCake said...

det står jo uffie i filnavnet, din lauk :)

Pastor said...

poocake: ja! med vilje! kan jo ikkje gjør det så vanskelig for leserne:)