Monday, 25 August 2008

NEW Matt & Kim track!

Appeared online today. Download it here.

Matt says:

'DAMN, it's been almost two years since Kim and I have released a single thing! In those two years our bodies have traveled... I guess... hundreds of thousands of miles?! Crazy when I think about it. Maybe that's why our friend Jay said, "I found this footage of you playing Fuck Yeah Fest 2006, and you looked so young." That was only two freakin years ago! So yes we put miles and years on these bodies, but with all the driving around in a 98' green Astro van I called President VANburen, there was little room for makin NEW music. By the way writing songs is one of my favorite things to do in the world.

For the past months, every spare minute we weren't touring we were working on a new album. We knew we needed to record somewhere we could feel creative, and for us, that wasn't a recording studio. We did the initial tracking in the bedroom I grew up in Vermont. It still has skateboarding posters all over the ceiling, silkscreen ink from making patches on the floor, and the memories of all the punks songs I wrote and recorded there since I was 14 years old, tucked away in boxes of 4-track tapes under my bed.

All in all, I feel the songs we recorded are the best music I've ever worked on in that room, or anywhere else for that matter. This song is the first anyone is hearing from our upcoming album GRAND. We chose GOOD OL FASHION NIGHTMARE to kick it off, in hopes that it'll serve you well for these last summer weeks.'

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