Thursday, 11 September 2008




Minnie Riperton - Adventures in paradise (1975)
Ohio Players - Skin tight (1974)
Sound Experience - JP walk (1974)
Chakachas - Jungle fever (1972)
Commodores - Rapid fire (1974)
The Brothers Johnson - Get the funk out ma face (1976)
Isaac Hayes - Pursuit of the pimpmobile (1974)
Mac Fadden & Whitehead - Ain't no stoppin' us now (1978)
Chic - Strike up the band (1977)
Cameo - Rigor mortis (1977)
Rick James - Sexy lady (1977)
KC & the Sunshine Band - Shake your booty (1976)

Valerie says:

This week, Anoraak breaking the Valerie rules. This week his first release is now available worldwide. And as a celebration, Anoraak made a special selection. Usually, you can here listen to music made in the 80's, or clearly related to this synthetic decade. And Anoraak wanted to go back a few years before, giving you some specials which contributed to make the music we're blogging about on these lines. I'm talking about the 74-79 years, the ones of the great disco-funk. So please, tape this mix down for a car use, set the weather on "sunny", no matter what's your car, just think you're gonna ride a Pontiac Trans AM, put your shades on, start the engine, put the tape on, turn it loud, drive to the sea, this summer will last forever. Right on !

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