Friday, 12 September 2008

Introducing: VELFERD

UntzUntz is very proud to introduce you to this new talent from Bergen.
Velferd (or Geir Hermansen if you will) is leading the pack in Bergen with his slick produced Fjord-disco. Heavily inspired by Lindstrøm and the Oslo disco scene, but still with his own twist. He just started djing out and is quietly putting together his live-set... He has given us two of his new song for you to download. They are exclusive here at UntzUntz. This guy is 20 yrs old and is seriously gonna reach far far away outside Bergen. You read about him here first. UntzUntz loves Velferd.

Velferd - Driveby

Velferd - Ferdig

Our pals over at Smuglesning did a story on Velferd to. Thanks for the nice words!

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Trygdesnyltar said...

Oh lord, dette var sinnsjukt bra! Gledar meg til å høyre meir frå Guds einborne synthsønn.