Friday, 6 February 2009

Röyksopp - Happy Up Here (Breakbot remix)

Röyksopp - Happy Up Here (Breakbot remix)

Breakbot give it a go. There is also a Boys Noize remix of this track out there. But that was pretty crap. This is probably the tip of the iceberg of remixes of this track. Dont know if any of theese will be proper released.

Worth a read:

Röyksopp's TOP 5 ANIMAL - In Their Own Words

First, those who didn’t make into top 5, but qualifies to our “Honorable Mentions”:

Wolverine - “Ferocious animal who doesn’t back out of a fight - although not much bigger than an average medium-sized dog, it has been known to take down prey as large as moose. Now that’s will & stamina in a lethal mix. Looks fairly handsome as well.”

Starfish - “Lazy fish that has understood the importance of esthetics and taking it slow. Doesn’t do very much (or at least so we believe) - it just sort of sits there. Get’s credit for the ability to regenerate lost arms.”

The top 5:

5. Eagle/Shark - “We’ve given the number 5 slot to both the eagle and the shark based on their remarkable hunting skills and amazing sensory apparatus + the fact that they’re both animals very often favoured by heavymetal enthusiasts. Bigups!”

4. Lemur - “Number 4 belongs to the lemur - just look at it’s eyes and you’ll understand why. Also got very nice fur, a smart tail and intriguing fingers.”

3. Baboon - “The animal kingdoms version of a “shitkicker” - or is it the other way around? Anyway, he’s a brute and a brawler who moves & runs like a pissed, up-to-no-good testosteron moron. Kudos to the alphamale!”

2. Stoat - “Admired by us for it’s hiding skills and stealth. Not even afraid of humans - ’cause it knows it can outsmart us - in terms of hide and seek at least. Buckets of bonus-points for combination of mystique & elegance - ’cause it looks quite damn sleek as well!”

1. Ants - “As the prime competitor for planetary sovereignty, this species is rewarded with the number 1 spot. Although thier life consists of not much more than work, one has to admire their ability to cooperate - which is truly aweinspiring and should be set as an example for us all. Hail to the king - or rather queen!”

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