Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Straight to the TOP of my chart

New song(the next single?) from The Juan Maclean's forthcoming album 'The Future Will Come' which will be released April 14th. The last two 12"s('Happy House' and 'The Simple Life') from Juan & his crew was both great pieces of DFA magic. Nancy Whang(LCD Soundsystem) is now some sort of a fulltime collaborator and Holy Ghost!(playing their Debut European live show at THE FIX!!!) helps out producing alot of theese tracks. Now this promo surfaces, and its just as perfect as the previous singles. Those synthstab at 1:29.......just amazing. Enjoy!

The Juan Maclean - One Day

The Future Will Come tracklist:

01 The Simple Life
02 The Future Will Come
03 One Day
04 A New Bot
05 Tonight
06 No Time
07 Accusations
08 The Station
09 Human Disaster
10 Happy House

The Future Will Come April 14th!

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