Friday, 17 April 2009


DJ Asel
@ Strædet
Saturday 18.april


KA SO RE is a Helsinki-based one-man band established at the beginning of 2008, which plays modern and dark indie disco. The band's musical influences come from French disco house and new wave from the 1980s. Juuso Malin, KA SO RE's leading man, has previously been a DJ and, in addition to frequent touring, he has run his own show on Bassoradio.

KA SO RE has already conquered and stirred Finnish venues and audiences. KA SO RE's gigs are well-known for their arrogance and intensity. There is rarely time to breath between songs.

KA SO RE's debut album Petite EP contains five songs plus remixes from Eero Johannes who records for the British Planet Mu label and from Obi Blanche who records for the Berlin-based New Judas label.

The new track of KA SO RE is titled « Not good for you ». This is scandalously ironical. This track makes you feel good. It’s like throat syrup, like Biafine on your body after 4h under the sun, like a blowjob. This track it’s a bit like at the end of the film Ratatouille, when the boring cuisine critic gets overwhelmed by emotions tasting a ratatouille which reminds him his childhood at the countryside. This track, was on air two minutes before each time you started crying in your life. If we were cows, this track would be like a train passing by. You look up, you start dreaming, and the track disappears, letting you alone with your banal life. This track sounds like Jeanne Mas – Toute première fois, you’ll understand why. So just check it; it’ll take 05.10 minutes and then you’ll think “Hope it wasn’t the last time”!


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