Monday, 8 February 2010

The New Wine - Bridge - OUT TODAY!

The New Wine's debut single is out today. Our long epic Untz Untz remix of the track is featured on the release. And Solli Diskoklubb is also there! The word on the street is that the Solli remix is popular at posh house clubs at the French Riviera! :)

Buy the digital release exclusively at Platekompaniet for only 29,- kr!

The New Wine - Bridge

2.I Had To Tell You
3.Bridge (Solli Diskoklubb remix)
4.Bridge (Untz Untz remix)

The single is also out on iTunes with theese remixes:

2.I Had To Tell You
3.Bridge (Frisvold&Lindbæk remix)
4.Bridge (Mighty Mouse remix)

A 12" record with the Frisvold&Lindbæk and the Mighty Mouse remix are beeing pressed as we speak.

Congrats guys! Lets celebrate tonight!


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