Friday, 9 October 2009

EXCLUSIVE: The Beloved - Sweet Harmony (SommerStads Klinemix)

SommerStad is a duo from Oslo consisting of Mikkel Haraldstad and Marius Sommerfeldt. Both guys are basically 'sex-on-legs'. And they are amazingly, allowed to walk around in public. Hooray Norway!

Marius runs a couple of clubnights in Oslo and Mikkel has his solo-project called Solli Diskoklubb.

Solli Diskoklubb got a track featured on the UntzUntz001 12"! So obviously we like theese people alot!

Here they take on the old 'Sweet Harmony' classic:

The Beloved - Sweet Harmony (SommerStads Klinemix)


Jaanus said...

link is not working! very good mix,listened in myspace

PASTOR said...

link fixed