Monday, 19 October 2009

UPDATE: I and I(US) tours Norway this week + Bergen show just added!

Bergen show just added: I and I will play at Legal on sunday. More info over here.

Our pal Adam Sarmiento got a solo project called I and I. He is touring our shores this week. Oslo, Kr.Sand and Stavanger. In the end of the week he will be hanging out in Bergen for a couple of days before returning to the states. Any promoters up for a intimate sunday show?

'I and I is one of the creative projects of multi-instrumentalist, artist, and gardener Adam Sarmiento. His latest release, “White Noise/Black Music,” is a reflective dance record that blends post-everything with electronic earthiness and the kind of thoughtful, provocative lyrics that one doesn’t always expect to accompany such movement-inducing grooves.'

Wednesday October 21st
Chateau Neuf
Oslo, Norway 10:00 pm

Thursday October 22nd
Charlie's Bar
Kristiansand, Norway 10:00 pm

Friday October 23rd
Stavanger, Norway 10:00 pm

Sunday October 25th
Bergen, Norway 10:00 pm

I and I - The Top ← ♥♥♥♥♥

"You've got a bird that sings, I've got happy in my pocket, I've got a drum and bass, You make me wanna rock it" - 03:24

I and I myspace

I and I website

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