Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Cut Copy - Far Away(Damn Arms remix)

This track deserve a post of its own. I posted it last week but just inbetween some other stuff, and then the post got deleted by Google(Blogspot) for some reason. The track is cleared by Modular and is all over the web so i dont see why. Maybe it was some of the other tracks(that also was cleared). Uhm. Lots of strange things happening to blogspot nowadays. Just check out this story at Palms Out. They've got stuff taken down alot lately, event thou they just post cleared and legit stuff.

This track ooozez of summer and love for disko. Maybe because it IS summer Downunder nowadays. The best remix of this track?

Damn Arms myspace.
Cut Copy myspace.

Far Away by Cut Copy is out now as a single with theese tracks on it:

01 Far Away
02 Far Away (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)
03 Far Away (Damn Arms Remix)
04 Far Away (Golden Filter Remix)
05 Hearts on Fire (Aeroplane Pop Mix)
06 So Haunted (Knightlife Sun-Soaked Reprise)
07 Sands of Time (Previously Unreleased)

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