Monday, 17 November 2008


Statement from Phones:

"Hi all...

thought I would finally take the time to post a blog up here.

I let it be known a few weeks back that I am killing off the Phones moniker once and for all. The reasons are simple really.. that I feel I've just about exhausted the creativity in how I have done 40 remixes for various people and felt like it was better to leave it there than to continue and risk spoiling some of the things I've done.

The last few mixes I've done were hard work and I felt like I need to start afresh under a new name.. anonymously.

The things that excite me musically change all the time and it feels like a shame to be stuck in one groove when there is a lot more to explore outside of those confines.

There is one last remix to come... for Santogold, which i actually delivered before the Bloc Party mix. It may give a taste of things to come.. I hope you enjoy it..
I'll post it here soon.


This means that this is the last Phones remix you will hear(except the Santogold mix that is just around the corner)

Bloc Party - Talon (Phones R.I.P.remix)


Interpol - The Heinrich Maneuver (Phones remix)

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