Saturday, 29 November 2008


The doods in Bergens very own The New Wine just won a full paid tour of gigs through Norway + paid rehearsal space before the tour + a showcase gig at The Great Escape in Brighton + showcase gigs at By:Larm(ehh.. but they are already booked there). This award hangs HIGH. Over 300 bands in Norway applied to be considered for this award. 3 got through, 1 won.
Big party tonight at NG2 in Bergen. Stian and Geir from the band play records.

A quick message from The New Wine on their myspace:

It's over! The thriller has ended! We actually won the RiksAlarm contest, againts all odds. Thanks so much to everyone who voted for us! We owe you so much, and we hope to deliver a great show to you one day soon! I'm writing this from the hotel we're staying at. Have to go now. A real party with our friends from Kakkmaddafakka awaits! So long!

Check out the cover story on UPOP.NO this monday for a big interview.

Painting: Anette Morvik Robberstad

The New Wine wins a car-rim at Riksalarm:


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